Best way to work from 2 devices

I am really trying to give Wappler a try, but I am often going and have 2 different computers that I use quite often.

What is the best way to handle a project when using 2 different devices daily? For example, this morning I started working on a project at my house on my laptop, now I am in my office on my desktop computer but currently being I started the project on my laptop I have to work from there? I know this is minor in the grand scheme of things, but I am able to do with WordPress much easier.

Use Git:

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I’m frequently switching between Mac and MacBook and I use the git manager and Github and it works perfectly.

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Thank you both, I am assuming this will work with docker as well? Lots of new moving parts when trying wappler out on a project :slight_smile:

I know this is the right move for this project/application instead of using WordPress with 10 plugins, lol


I’m afraid I don’t use Docker so can’t comment on that but I’m sure someone else can.

Welp, I think I got everything setup as needed and I am getting this error when I try to do a pull from 2nd machine


I got it working!! This is great and got it working with docker as well.

@sitestreet just curious what you use, if you are not using docker? Just the local wappler server? How are you handling hosting on the internet?

How do you update the files in the laptop? You just download from Git repository? Or sync it?

Please check the docs, this is explained there already:

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Would Wappler work with a mapped network drive @Teodor?

I use Resilio Sync. Used Syncthing before but switched to Resilio Sync due to lower CPU usage when handling a large amount of small files

I use MAMP for my localhost and pretty standard linux hosting for the live site and set both as targets in Wappler.

Wappler will work from a mapped network drive no problem. On my main site I use a VPN to connect to the local network and then just map my drive and away I go!

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Actually this method would be preferred to FTP if you have an option as their are a lot of security holes with the FTP protocol in general if its not encrypted.