Best way to sync between 2 computers

I have a home desktop and laptop that I want to be able to work on my projects no matter where I go and maybe even my work laptop from time to time. This was something I can do with ease with Bubble due to the “hosted” solution. What would be the best approach to mirror what I can do in Bubble?


Hi @sevenrice,

The best way would be to use the integrated GIT Repositories that Wappler offers. This would allow you to work on any number of computers and share your project with others as well.

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Git is definitely a great way to do this.

There are also some people i’ve seen in our community using google drive folders, to sync between different computers.

Also, if you are working on a remote target, like your hosting, you can always use the “Get” option to get the latest uploaded changes from there.

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I would use GIT instead of a solution like dropbox. GIT not only allows you to keep in sync but it offers much more.

Regarding keeping databases in sync locally that is another whole story. As I haven’t found yet a satisfactory way that matches my workflow I have gone hosted.

I sign up for the free heroku plan and host my development database there.


I have been using DropBox for a long time, even back with Dreamweaver. I have not had any issues at all syncing between my home computer and my work computer. My .NET team uses it also, and we sync hundreds of thousands of files without issue. I also use GIT on some sites, but I also use DropBox with those as well. DropBox even does versioning control, and it works pretty well.

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I rarely ever work from a second machine butt I doo have a second one set up as a back up. I use OneDrive for my projects and haven’t thad any issues yet.

I use it for free with 2 users in 1 workspace - one for laptop and one for desktop

would you be willing to share the steps to using drop box. I work alone on websites but have a laptop at work and a PC at home - I have sites on the different machines but it would be quite convenient to be able to work from either, and i want to set it up correctly - I also have a dropbox account

^^^ this.

If you use Dropbox then you’ll need to have the database centrally stored (hosted) in order to work with it on both devices. The files will be fine in Dropbox, just set the project folder to be a folder in your Dropbox structure. I suspect the actual paths would need to be the same on both devices, too.

I would still recommend GIT, though.

Thanks i will read up on Git. One more task. Lol

Norm Clifton
Mr. Print

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Setting up dropbox is very easy to do. Create an account, then download the app to whatever computer you want to sync with. Dropbox ask to select where do you want to create the folders. This mater folder will be where you want to put any files/folders that you want to sync. Then when you create a project in Wappler, use the folder that is in your dropbox directory. Treat it as any other Windows or Mac folder/file structure. You don’t have to worry about the file path being the same on your different computers. On my laptop it is under my main documents directory. On my desktop, it’s in a folder that’s on a second drive.

My work flow is I go to the office and work on my office computer all day. When I go home or work from home, I sit down at my home computer, and all of the file changes are there, no syncing. The other great thing about Dropbox that I haven’t seen on other products like that, or maybe it’s harder to find, but on the DropBox website when you look at your files, you can right click and tell it to show version history and you can revert a file and it will automatically replace the synced file.

I’ve used OneDrive and others in the past, but I would always have issues with files not syncing because they were open or in use. Having used DropBox for about 6 or 7 years, I’ve never had a syncing issue. When you save a file, it syncs, no matter if it’s open or not.

If you are in an organization that uses Git, then Git is the best way to go. However if it’s just you, or if you have a smaller group, personally I find it easier to use DropBox. No remembering to commit your changes. Hope this helps Norm.

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it does help - thanks for the breakdown . Sorry but I did not catch your name. What a great resource communities is and people like yourself you are so willing to share!


we used onedrive to sync code between multiple devices and team members.
as the team grew, we switched to git - it is better for managing codebase with multiple people working at the same on the same project.
using git allowed use to setup deployment via git branches using CapRover - another benefit of git to be considered.
for a one man ops - onedrive is a simpler solution unless you want to get your hands dirty with git.

Worked like a charm - thanks so much for dumbing it down. :smile: