Best way of making a swiper component


First of all, I am completely new to Wappler, so please forgive my ignorance! :slight_smile:

I am trying to make an Airbnb-like carousel with swiper, exactly like this:

I want to make sure that I am choosing the right elements to design the partial (component). I did it like this:

which looks like this with only the first element (or swiperslide):
example_swiper _element

Then I would just make each swiperslide clickable. But before going on I would like to know if this the right way, or if I am missing something important.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome Josfk - No expert here but you might look into adding an anchor image inside your column and that will provide a clickable action you desire

Thanks a lot, @jimed99.

Yes, I will try an anchor image instead! :wink:

Also you wont need the row > col structure in the swiper slide. Just add the anchor image in the slide.


Oh, thank you! :wink: … I used the column in order to center the text (paragraph) under the image. So, is it possible to center it (the word camping under the icon) even if I don’t use a column?