Best Version 4 Upgrade Documentation

Hi there @Teodor

I am about to start upgrading from 3.9.7 to the latest version of v4.

Since Wappler went to v4 so long ago, would you be so kind as to send me some links to the best articles to read about how to use v4?

Many thanks!

Whoa. Strap yourself in, you’re in for a thrilling ride :wink:

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This is all-you-can-read release log.

Thanks Sid!
Is there a “All you can read - How Use It” document or two? :thinking:

Not sure what docs are you asking for Antony?
With almost every update with every new feature there are new docs added.
If you are asking for a specific feature and/or component integrated in v4 then just open the docs and search for it.

Lol. Impossible. :laughing:

Thanks @Teodor.

When you say “The Docs” do you mean:

  • The original docs
  • The new docs
  • The docs section of the community


The docs website is a mirror of the docs section in the community. So it’s the same.


So that is the new docs or the old ones?

Antony, the docs site is:

Fab, thanks for clarifying that.

I remember you started a new docs site for v4… is that now integrated into

The biggest change is that Server Connects are now in tabs and the new core files updater. Other than that I can’t think of anything that will change your old workflow. There are lots of other changes but mostly cosmetic and behind the scenes stuff.

Definitely worth the update, but not a huge shock to your workflow.

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