Best Practice Multi Backend (Portal)

Need little help :slight_smile:

I’ve created a user table and role table.

I have different type of users with roles (dealers, customers, and administrators), I want to have one login screen but redirect them after auth to their appropriate backend portal.


I want to make sure users cannot access different portal, maybe later down the road allow Administrator to have a login as button.

Thanks in advance.


You could create a layout page for each portal and then add a security restrict server connect flow under the app settings to restrict access based on your roles.

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I’ve got the same need and created portal using 3 different layouts. I added restrict on layout with simpl rules like IS_ADMIN==true / IS_CUSTOMER==true, but can’t succeed in using restrict ServerConnect.
Happy to get more information / example of restrict use.
Many thanks

I think I get what you’re asking for, when I do implement mine and get it to work I will share.

From my understanding, your entire SC is exposed to any users once logged in currently ?


Well, i tried different things, restrict step in loggedin SC and/or SC with unique restrict step, and none of them worked…

I see, I will review when i get to that point and post my results :slight_smile:

Happy wap wappler!

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Have a look at this video (25) Redirecting at Login based on the users role and securing content areas based on layout page - YouTube


U rock! Many thanks!