Bear With Me As I Reveal My Ignorance

As someone that has used only PHP and small bit of javascript for a few years, I would like to know if there is a resource where we can learn this unique syntax that Wappler uses. The more I work with Wappler and peek under the hood, I realize that I need to expand my knowledge of its potential.

Surely there’s someone that can point us to a resource where we can learn and understand Wappler’s potential. So far, it has made many tasks a breeze. Time is shortened in so many ways when using Wappler.

I understand the need to follow the steps laid out in the tutorials so that the code is properly put in its place. Nevertheless, I, like many others, enjoy coding more so when I understand the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ when that’s possible.

Is there a resource out there?

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If you find one please let me know too. Although I have to admit everything in Wappler and DMXzone has always been very transparent. In that when you add a component to your page it adds all the supporting files to your file manager so I have often found myself playing around with their source files to see what is what.
Unfortunately I only understand 30% of it if I am lucky and have about 3 red bulls in me. I do not know how many energy drinks or smart foods it would take to understand 100%
Need to download the Wappler teams brains into mine.


Hi JR,

Which part of Wappler is unclear to you?

  • the User Interface?
  • the front-end framework App Connect?
  • the usage of components?
  • the server-side framework Server Connect?
  • the co-working of all of the above?

We really try to make Wappler as easy as possible to use, without the need of any technical knowledge. You just have to get the general workflow.

I think we explained that well in our docs at

If you follow them from the start you should be able to get a good grip of what Wappler can do.

I think that was what is called a ‘back handed compliment’ which translates to your product is amazing and so comprehensive the average person is unable to comprehend it’s full magnificence.


You’re a very perceptive guy! You must be the top team member. Yes, as you unwrap Wappler, you find there’s more to Wappler!

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Hyperbytes is just always trying to unwrap stuff, lol, its what he does.