Basic data validation and using notify to confirm actions

This 14:02 minute video looks at the basics of form validation, use of the DOM panel and using responsive notify to confirm success or failure of server connect actions.

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@Hyperbytes Hi Brian, watched a lot of your tutorials and have got a lot of help from them, however I have a question you may be able to answer on the validation.
For example if I have a email field at the top of the form and more questions under etc, is there any way to get it to scroll back to the email address if it’s already in the data base.
At the moment it just stays on the where the submit button is and if you scroll back up you can see the message, but normal people would not know to scroll back up which is why I need it to automatically show it.

Any ideas??

Hi, it should be automatically scrolling back to the first field with a validation error in your form.
Can you send a link to the page please?

it running locally at the moment Teodor.

I’ll have to check your page, so please let me know when you upload it to some testing server where i can access it.

Have you added an stage in the server connect action to check if the email exists in the database as outlined in this?

Yeah that is added, but for some reason it does not scroll back up to the email input to show the error.
It shows it but you have to manually scroll back up the page.

@George have done that and it all works, the issue when you scroll down to the submit button as the form is quite long, it does not automatically scroll back up the page to show the email input which has the error message. This is the problem I am having

@gunnery as i already replied - the validator should automatically scroll up.

We need a link to your page, where we can check this!

@teodor, I’ll have to set it up to a live testing server as its running locally at the moment, unless you can team viewer into my machine

Well just make a simple dummy page with simple form that shows the problem then upload it somewhere or add it here

its ok have just uploaded it, just a pain making the database.
here is the link
just fill up to email and submit, then do it again with the same email and you will see it does not scroll back up to the error. Have tried different browsers and the same problem.

Ok, i see what you mean.
It seems for validation messages returned by the server side it doesn’t “jump” back to the field with the error, only for client-side validation messages, like for example try adding a wrong value in the email field and hit submit.

@patrick will check if this can be improved for server-side validation errors as well.

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Glad it was not just me going crazy :wink: On the plus side at least I was not doing things wrong this time lol