Backblaze B2 + Cloudflare CDN -> Free cloud storage with CDN

This seems like a nice combination to have free cloud storage with free CDN and a compatible S3 api for the recent connector.

Backblaze B2 free tier includes:

“Free first 10 GB of storage, free 1 GB of daily downloads”

Cloudflare free tier includes Global CDN and DDOS mitigation services.

Here a guide to set up both.

Perfect for personal and throw and see what sticks projects.

Bonus points: Use Heroku for free cloud hosting.


@updates I just received an email from backblaze to let me know that they now support S3 CORS in case you want to check again.

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thank you very much. You are very kind!

I will check it! Now using wasabi and it runs very smoothly.

Have a good day and thank you again!


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