AWS S3 Connector | Cannot get it to work

Hi. I am new to Wappler, but not to new to S3. The S3 bucket is set up for access and works fine in another application done in Visual Studio.

However I’m stuck at the very beginning in Wappler v5. I have added a provider to the S3 Storage and entered Service, Region, Access Key, and Secret Key. However that is where it ends. I cannot add a step to List Buckets, List Files, Upload… nothing.

I’ve tried to follow the steps for Wappler v4 but to no avail. I cannot find any examples for v5. I’m trying to evaluate if Wappler is useful for rapid development projects. But this brought evaluation to a halt :frowning:

Could anyone tell me what might be wrong?

The s3 provider under the Globals section is just to define the connection.

In an api you can add the various actions, put file, delete, list buckets, etc. on each of those actions it will show you to select the provider you setup under Globals. Keep in mind also the like all Globals items, they are specific to the target you have activated.

Thank you - that’s the concept I was not understanding. Forgive my newbie error. I think I’ll be visiting this community forum frequently. Apologies in advance.

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Don’t worry, no one here is mad :wink:

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My 1st attempt to work with S3 got me stuck too. V4.9 2 weeks ago.
Depending of what you are reading, it was DEFINITELY not clear that you had to go to Globals first and setup something.
I had to ask the community and got a quick solution!
Don’t be hesitant to post here.