Automatically rename table name in database query steps if changed through database manager

This feature requests is for Wappler UI to automatically and recursively iterate through all Server Action JSON files, inspect the database query steps (excl. custom queries) and change the table name of them if you change a table name through the database manager.

In fact, this could be the foundation of a more generic “Rename symbol” functionality, which would allow you to e.g.: rename a Set Value inside a Library action, and change all Server Action workflows that reference to such variable inside the Library action to use the new name instead of using the old one

As a starting point, I suggest adding UI hooks to intercept those moments when a rename/refactor should occur, passing the old name, new name, and type of thing (e.g.: “table”, “variable”, “LibraryAction”)


I’m waiting for JonL to come here and say this is costly from an engineering point of view :alien:

This is similar to this request (made by @JonL).

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100% behind this. It would save hours of time, improve product quality and make refactoring a breeze knowing it was being done automatically.

It’s painful as it is as there’s no reference or global replace for this kind of thing.

I went over the spoiler alert as I didn’t want to spoil myself anymore. My parents already did a good job on that.

@apple this is very costly from an engineering point of view.