Automatic links conversion on save


Design view generally seems to work much better and the responsiveness is great. But there seems to be a number of features missing - unless I’m not using the features correctly.

When text is selected, there are several options missing: save, cancel, duplicate, select icon.

As far as I can, the link feature doesn’t work.

I think the addition of underline, strikethrough, subscript and superscript add clutter to the toolbar. In most cases, people should be discouraged from using undeline (IMO) and the other three are probably very rarely needed. Suggestion: add a new button at the end of the bar which would extend the toolbar to show any such options.

we have a full automatic links conversion on save

What exactly is this?

The Assets feature is nice and works very well. It would be good if there were an option to show filenames or perhaps images + filenames. Perhaps this is coming (otherwise it would slightly strange to have a search option). From a productivity point of view, a few extra shortcuts, an option to set the default view (eg ‘split’) and a facility to customise code view themes would be far more useful (IMO again) - but probably not such good selling points.

New Experimental Design View

When you change the links type from Document Relative to Site Root Relative in your project settings all the image and include files links will br automatically adjusted on save.


  1. You have root relative links in your root/subfolder/index.html file -> /subfolder/image.jpg
  2. You change the links to file relative
  3. On save your link becomes image.jpg


Thanks Teodor