Autocomplete No Results not appearing

Wappler: 6.5.4
OS: MacOS M1
Server: PHP

I have this working fine on older project but am trying to implement it on a new project but the dropdown isn’t appearing when there are no results.

The dev console shows an error every time a key is pressed regardless of whether it returns a result:

Hey Jon,

  1. Just noticed on your error screenshot the main.js:1:1737957

    What is this main.js?
    You work on PHP, have you declared any javascript file “main.js”?
    I think that the autocomplete’s javascript file wouldn’t be called just “main.js”

  2. Do you pass the autocomplete’s value to another element (eg input) or just a simple autocomplete that

  3. You focused on the autocomplete’s “No Result” option…
    If you remove it, do you still have problem?

I’ve not done anything apart from use the normal Wappler UI.

Just a simple auto complete.

Makes no difference whether the No Result option is added or not.