ASP.Net Core 2.2 / .net 6 support

Hi, Wappler team has any plan to support core 2.2 ? or may i know which version of ASP.Net used now with wappler?

Currently we support ASP.NET 3.5+ with Wappler next to PHP and Classic ASP, but we are definitely looking to add support to the new ASP.NET Core and nodeJS as server models and in favor of the old ASP.NET and the Classic ASP as those are really getting pretty old now.


Yes, George i will be looking forward to it, ASP.Net Core 2.2 pretty light weight framework, Hope soon will be available…, NodeJs, Wow, Wappler going to change the development world…


Wappler already has changed my development world :smile:


Great :slight_smile:

Was wondering if ASP.Net Core 3 support is on the horizon

Well eventually we plan to replace indeed our current ASP.NET support with ASP.NET Core but it might take a while as we have hands full now with the NodeJS integration.

We actually would prefer to add even Go support first before jumping to core.

But it is all about user requests of course to drive our priorities.


Thanks George for the update about this and what we can expect.

What do you mean with Go support?

A very popular and high performance server language by Google, used on most of their servers. Peaks specifically on multi core systems as it is very efficient and compiled.

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Is anyone still building ASP.Net Framework apps? Why would you use IIS hosting instead of Linux? Even Microsoft stopped developing .net framework

Any news about ASP.Net upgrade? ASP.Net 3.5+ is almost going to be none supported by Microsoft.
they have released, .Net 5 and .Net 6 recently.

@George Any plan for .Net 6 support?

Well eventually we do want to move to the new .net 6 (previously known as core), but it’s a bit low priority as not many users really request it and it is quite a lot of work to do.

So the more people request it, the higher priority will it get.

I will make a feature request of this topic, so people can vote.


@George What is the current version of ASP.NET that is supported in Wappler v5+. Thank you

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We also build in .NET so would like to see it maintained.

We’ve used IIS servers for decades and have a lot of inventory on the platform. We also develop in PHP and are looking to cross into NodeJS but .NET will always be central for us

We deal a lot with business to business clients and the majority of them run on Windows boxes. I’m sure there are a lot of others out there who do the same.

The current minimum version is ASP.NET Framework 4.5.2. We do not support .NET Core and IIS is required to run the app. I know that support for 4.5.2 ended this year, we keep this as a minimum for our users that are still running an older version, it is also compatible with the latest 4.8.1 version. We deprecated the support for 3.5 since it didn’t correctly support TLS 1.2 which is really a requirement today.

Thank you. I think the .NET ecosystem and demand are not going away. I use all three NodeJS, PHP, and .NET. Each serves different market segments and scenarios for various projects. Most developers are unaware of Wappler, and it is often challenging to find it on Google search in relation to it being an IDE (at the very least). Wappler is virtually an unknown power-house that would be well adopted if somehow it ranked above the search engine noise. It would be great to see continued support of .NET. If you ask everyone here who relies on .NET I am certain we can help raise some funds. I certainly would.


still in progress with .net 6? will be greaty if available!

I thought wappler 6 will include .Net Core update or updates to latest .net 8. Anyone from wappler team please let us know do you have plan to upgrade to .net 8?