Compilation Error - Compiler Error Message: CS0246

Hi, I have just started a new project with Wappler 5.3.2.

I have created a server action and pushed this to the staging server. Whenever I call the server action, I get the following error.

I have confirmed that the contents of my BIN folder in Wappler match the BIN folder on the staging server.

Operating System : Window Server 2012 R2
Server Model: ASP.NET 4.5
Hosting Type: IIS

Any help pointing me in the right direction would be great.


OK, I moved the project files to the root of my site, which seems to have resolved the issue.

Maybe @patrick or @Teodor could confirm if this is why the issue was resolved, as it’s the only thing I changed.


In you always have to define your project root as application in IIS.

Then all needed dll’s will be also kopiëren to the /bin folder and won’t be missing as the error above shows.

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Thanks for the confirmation George.

It is possible to have it in a subfolder, to make it work you need to convert that folder to an Application.

Folders, Virtual Directories & Applications In IIS | by Adrian Jenkins | Medium

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Thanks Patrick. Once I get the project completed I will test moving it to a subfolder and setting it to an application.

I’ll post my results here.