Ask to refresh a page when changed by other app

Not a feature request parse… PLEASE allow an option to be set to open pages on Start-Up or at least refresh them… I work across several editors and all work and refresh fine between edits aside from Wappler which does not refresh. Hitting the page refresh button only refreshes the ‘cached?’ version of the page. More than once I have overwritten pages that have been updated by saving in Wappler only to have lost all changes made in other editors such as Dreamweaver. (both Pinegrow and DW inform that the page has been updated and to re-load)… Thankfully backups are taken every 60 seconds so I don’t suffer such a great loss but for others this may be different.



Not sure if I follow you completely, but to summarize:

  • your pages are getting changed in the background by other programs
  • when returning to Wappler you don’t get an alert that the pages is changed and should be reloaded?
  • were the pages in Wappler also unsaved?

Hi George,


This is currently the case.

Yes. But were saved in other applications.

Hope that helps. Thanks for the reply!