Arrays with arrays inside

I’m trying to use the new server action functionality called “Array Lists”.
I added the step Create Array, named my array “myArray” and defined a schema for it, to have

  • a text variable called text1
  • an int variable called int1
  • a boolean variable called bool1
  • an array variable called innerArray
  • an object variable called innerObject

For the last two, I defined the variables inside the innerArray and innerObject.
I then add the step Set Array Index, that lets me choose the array I want to edit, the index value to operate on, and set the values of the variables inside myArray.

I am able to do all that with no problems for text1, int1, and bool1.

For innerArray and innerObject, although I did define their structure when defining myArray, I don’t know how to set their values.

I created a temporary array before defining myArray and called it tmpArray, and set the values for its elements. I thought that when setting myArray I would click on the dynamic selection button and see tmpArray, but I don’t see it.

So, my question is, what is the recommended approach to set the value of more complex structures within an array, like those in my innerArray or innerObject in myArray?

Many thanks,

I’m having similar issues, Wappler doesn’t seem to support multidimensional arrays and arrays with indexes like objects. The command something does not give any answers to such questions.

Colleagues suggested and I decided to use objects instead of arrays and applied this addition to the server-side code, which creates the structure I need from the results of a database request.