Arrays not recognized in content page

======== TEMPLATE BUG FORM ========

Wappler Version : 4.0.4
Operating System : MacOS Catalina 10.15.7
Server Model: Node.js + docker
Database Type: mysql
Hosting Type: localhost

Expected behavior

in the data picker should recognize array and have the formatter " has items"

Actual behavior

data picker recognize array as text and has not “has items” option.
I added .hasItems() in the code and it is working. But through the Wappler Interface is not possible.

Schermata 2021-09-14 alle 11.10.59

How to reproduce

select a column
dynamic attributes
show when
select array



Please remove the content. in the beginning of your expression. This should fix the issue.

already done. still the same


while writing:

. it works

This has been fixed in Wappler 4.0.5

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