Are you guys super coders or what?

Hey guys,

After seen 2.2.1 I have to ask because I am really curious. How can you deliver so much and so fast?

I would love to know a bit about your story. How many people work on Wappler? What methodology do you follow? Do you work in sprints? Do you crunch? How do you work together? Do you guys share an office or work remotely?

I am truly intrigued!



They are the Borg… :crazy_face::crazy_face:


And on top of all that, they still offer quick personal support. It’s truly amazing.


they are magicians :slight_smile:


@patrick , @George @Teodor

very disciplined and very nice timing. small teams are doing great things. :+1:

no one talks about working in accounting … thanks to him / her :slight_smile:
I think 1 person was working in the accounting department.



The Wappler team consist of 3, George, patrick and Teodor

I may be wrong where but I believe the setup is:
Based in Holland
George - Long term genius who has actually had his brain re-programmed and it runs on Javascript so he thinks in it now
patrick - back room guru who seems to know everything about anything linked with computers, when the going gets tough it is passed to patrick to sort out.
Teodor - Long suffering and ever patient support guy and general genius on all things UI related, Not sure if he is part of development also?

I THINK patrick spends time in the office in Holland with George (he lives just over the border in Germany but commutable drive)
I think Teodor spends most of his time in his native Bulgaria and works remotely (and drinks beer)

(anyone guess I was a professional investigator in a former life :grinning:)


The power of small teams at work again!! No bureaucracy, quick decisions, clear accountability, etc. After my first company was bought, I spent eight years in a public company and will never do that again… Impossible to get anything done quickly. Wappler is proof, that a few talented and motivated individuals can provide immense value and make a good living at the same time.


I am truly impressed.

At the risk of sounding like I am blowing my own trumpet, the Wappler Ambassadors (any many others) on the forum are also an integral component of the “team”. On a voluntary basis, so many people here give a lot of their time to help those who have technical problems. This alleviates the load on George and patrick allowing them to concentrate on development over support and hopefully gives the ever suffering Teodor a little down time and a chance to prepare his brilliant how to guides


BTW, their English seems fine. Why haven’t I heard their voices in a how-to screencast? :joy:

Absolutely! Community is definitely a part of this winning small team!

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The team at wappler are smart for sure. and they do make use of open source projects to use instead of reinventing the wheel and that is great.
don’t forget that wappler component like app connect are not new they have been on dreamweaver for couple of years before. so its a proven tech.

but i sure do hope they expand and give mobile and framework7 more attention.

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100% @Hyperbytes blow your own trumpets its 100% deserved. I literally wouldn’t of even be able to start with Wappler if it wasnt for your fantastic Webinar series and I know I have said that in probably about every other post (if not 95%) of the posts that I have made but I just think its fantastic and a core part to onboarding to have a full project start to finish for us noobies :slight_smile:

All we need now is a lovely tutorial from someone for a start to finish semi complex design all built in wappler :slight_smile: a nice dashboard and landing page example would be brilliant I’ll see if I can get enough design skills to do one but dont hold your breath haha :smiley:

But it is amazing how such a small team has made such an amazing product. Big props to the Wappler team!