Are all blocks implemented

Sadly I‘m involved in other projects so I can‘t focus on Wappler now but I‘m wondering if the Blocks are implemented or still N/A?

Hey @Freddy_Blockchain
There are indeed still some blocks not integrated in Wappler, but we will be adding them in the next updates.


What do you mean by blocks sorry?

sounds amazing! As soon as possible I‘ll jump back into wappler again! :hugs: sortable js is still on map? @datguru I ment the wappler prebuild Bootstrap Blocks with : Loginforms, Price Table etc

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Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

I hope you understand how much time you’re saving all of us with blocks. I’m new and was about to start throwing together my header when I discovered blocks. Not gonna lie, I felt a bit of magic.

Can’t wait to get until all the blocks are implemented. Maybe in the far away future, a block marketplace!


Would like to have some more blocks implemented please.

Rt/Lt Map


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@ben Why don’t my Nav blocks look like yours??

If you have a close look at my Navigation graphic, it shows you a corrupted version of the blocks. Normally mine will look exactly the same as yours.

This is what happens when Wappler is pushed to the extreme. Easily remedied by restarting Wappler.


How’s it going with the N/A blocks?