Archälogie Baselland Website


We present you a responsive website built for Archälogie Baselland (Switzerland) by André Bender (Swiss Web Factory), known in our community as @swf.

Here’s the description he kindly provided:

Relaunch of Archeology.BL website

We have completely redesigned the Archälogie Baselland website. In addition to many detailed improvements, the code was renewed, our new CMS integrated, the database updated and the latest version of our dynamic SEO tool installed. The website is now even more impressive and technically up-to-date. Which has led to a remarkable increase in speed.

The mobile compatible website contains a large amount of information, document management and an interactive map that invites the visitor to discover.

The map was equipped with checkbox filters that allow multiple selections. The URL is adjusted accordingly:

The file management enables the display change between cards with cover pictures and a table display. Modals enable the playback of mp3 files together with the presentation of additional information:

The built-in audio guide allows visitors to excavation sites to access additional digital content via QR codes.
The integrated CMS enables the customer to easily and flexibly manage the content of the website and the audio guide.

The website was developed entirely with Wappler.


Great work. Wish we had something like this in Portugal! Surrounded by history here but literally have no idea about most of it. @swf do you inadvertently find yourself learning about subjects you would otherwise neglect to read upon via your clients Projects? I’ve done a few in the past which have sparked passion in everything from big wave surfing to counter-surveillance and espionage (was a spooky client). Amazing what we learn on the job so to speak!

Loving the footer area.


Thanks @Dave, glad you like our work.

Well, yes I learn quite a lot about our clients business and projects. From zoo animals up to wines :slight_smile: