Applying security page restrictions

Hi I am working on page restriction and have followed the online document for doing this process. I created pages as suggested with users permission. The document suggest building two pages, one to list the users, such that the user can be selected via a link to the second page. The second page lists the permissions already assigned to the selected user. It list the permissions and provides a Delete button so that permission can be deleted from the user. My problem is I cannot get the GET SQL command to work? Below are screen captures. I used the variable ud_id as my userID in the example provide.

Here is the database table called permissions

Next the Server Action Steps:

Next the Query Builder:

Next the Wallper Editor screen:

Finally the webpage. This is the selection screen to pick the permission for the user. As you can see there is no listings for the permissions yet there are two permissions found in the database. It appears the GET function is not working? Can you help me?

Thanks - Jim

Have you checked what it says in the debugger in the browser and if it returns anything there?

I have followed the debugger check and it indicated that the value for the ud_id is correct. But yet it appears to me that the value is not being passed? Maybe I am not looking at the right location for the debugging information? Any help would certainly be appreciated. Thanks