Applying Responsive Images

Adding responsive images in your Bootstrap 4 layout is another easy thing to do with Wappler.

First, select the element you want to insert image into, and click the add inside button (1):

Click the Basic category (2):

Select the image element (3):

Then, in the src field browse to your image (4):

When you select your image, just check the responsive checkbox under image properties:

You can see your responsive image in Design View immediately:

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How do I add a link to another page or another site to the image? I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to do this in Wappler. I don’t see how to do it in the image properties. Of course I could code it myself. I find that your documentation only goes so far on some items and is non-existent for many others. I’m skeptical to upgrade to the Pro level to do some database development in Wappler because I’m afraid I’ll have even bigger issues with documentation. You have the making of a great tool but lack of good documentation has me disappointed!

You just need to add an “Anchor Image” element. There you can define an URL.

I figured that out a while after I posted my issue. Although it was a simple solution it would have been better if it was documented in the Responsive Images section of the How To Guides and saved both of us time.

Thanks for your timely response!