Applying a Page Preloader

You can add a preloader to your page while the page content is still loading. It can be used on both static sites and sites using dynamic data.

For example it is really useful for large data sets:

In App Structure add new component:

Open Animation:

And select Preloader:

Customize the background color and the preloader color according to your needs:

Set the preloader size (in pixels):

And select the preloader type:

Check the Preview checkbox in order to preview how the preloader looks. Do not forget to turn it off on your live site:

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Just used the preloader , Folding Cube Animation! Just looks and works like a charm! Thanx so much !!!

This small thing prevents from stupid customers, doubleclicking or pressing stuff too quickly without waiting page to be loaded… this would result in alot of problems. Thanx god to this small but helpful :

Animated Be patient dear customer - thing!