Apple drops support for PWA’s in EU

For the PWA fans like me, this is a gut punch.

In short, iOS 17.4 will not have any support for PWA’s for users in the EU. It is their response to the DMA.

This is a big setback for PWAs.

I don’t see any truth in the reasons posted:
Without this type of isolation and enforcement, malicious web apps could read data from other web apps and recapture their permissions to gain access to a user’s camera, microphone or location without a user’s consent. Browsers also could install web apps on the system without a user’s awareness and consent.

From what I understand, Apple has always been against PWAs because they can’t charge a commission on those apps. It took them 16 iterations to add support for notifications!
They’ve just found a new excuse to not support PWAs because of external browser engine requirements.


Apple flexing it’s corporate muscle to maximise profits as usual.


:frowning: … two steps backwards… :frowning:

I wonder how the ‘homescreen bookmark’ performs? I’d imagine for simpler PWAs this may be the answer - Shocking (but not surprising) behaviour from Apple.

it would be great if one could make a prompt like this to pop up… to add to home screen… on ios…
i have searched far and wide… BUT … it seems like “apple” think the rest of the word are the step children…

As i just want to add my “website” to the home screen without having to go to the menu… Add to home screen… why Apple… why… :slight_smile:

Firefox… has also dropped … PWA support… :frowning: :frowning: I know its a while back… BUT if anyone wants to read an interesting article.

This is not good at all. I really throught we had the best solution with PWAs - no need for app store verification, app rejections, costs, etc. - but it looks like we’re back to native being the only way to harness the hardware of the device. Not good.

I guess one more benefit of living in Africa :slight_smile: … even if we have loadshedding… no water…

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This is why I have never owned an Apple product. Jobs even thought about charging users for sending emails at one point.


This is the company that employed C3PO and R2D2 as opticians…

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Could be punishment for EU forcing USB C on them?

We just had some loadshedding here in Melbourne Australia too :slight_smile:

Almost never happens but good to know i’m not the only person who knows the meaning of the word :slight_smile:

lol… South Africa … We are never world leaders in anything… BUT in this case… we are the World Leaders and Champions… its like South Africa said… “hold my beer”… mmmm @psweb can confirm these… as we had stage 6 again last week… that mean 8 - 10 hours a day without electricity… some places worse than others… … BUT atleast we dont have Apple issues :slight_smile:


all in all, another brick in the wall. :musical_note:

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They’ve reversed their decision.
:tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:


Oh wowza, that’s great news - woo hoo!! :heart_eyes: I’m a big fan of PWAs for most projects - obviously there are some out there that benefit a lot more from native apps, however, PWAs are an excellent way of getting as close to native as possible and significantly reducing the development overheads. I’m glad they changed their minds.


that is great news…

If they could ONLY now support n proper “install” prompt… that is the only thing that is missing… a proper prompt and one click install “add to home screen” without having to access all the menus…

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That’s fantastic news and changes lots of things. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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