App Structure panel not updating after search/replace

I decided to rename a server connect id to something more descriptive and did a search/replace. Searching for the old id to check I hadn’t missed any, Wappler reported no matches - and yet the App Structure still showed the old id, even after refreshing the panel and saving etc…

I’ve noticed this before when using the replace feature. Closing and reopening the file fixes the problem.

Annoying i agree but i find hitting reload normally puts things right


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There are issues in Wappler to detect if a file was changed, so not always the interface and editor content is updated. The search/replace in the left panel searches through all the files in the project and replaces in the files directly. The files that are open in the editor often don’t update with the new content after the file was changed. We will improve this in the future, if it happens you need to reopen the file.

Thanks @Hyperbytes. I always do as you suggest first, but closing/reopening is sometimes the only solution.

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Thanks Patrick. I don’t expect you would often to a global search/replace across files (thought it can be very useful).

In this case, it’s the search function above the code editor which is the issue. Not a big probblem but I would expect the App Structure to reflect the changes to a single page - particular after reloading the page - but it doesn’t (at least not always), which can be disconcerting.