App iOs with Wappler

is it possible to see an iOs App created with Wappler?

We use industry standard Framework7 and Cordova for mobile apps building in Wappler so you can check their showcase section:

You cant target ios on windows or package to phonegap build currently

But I have MacOS and Xcode

Then you are all fine to build and publish iOS apps

Sure. I know a little xcode and I managed in the past, with a bit of effort, to publish on the AppStore and on the Google Play Market, even if I’m not an expert
I’ll try to use Wappler / Cordova to make iOS and Android apps, but I’ll have to get a good Cordova tutorial.
With the help of FireBase I am able, among other things, to implement push notifications and insert adMob ads
Is it also possible with Wappler and Cordova? Or should I intervene with xCode?

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I love the answer you got.