App ID and Root

I expect this is a basic question but what are the implications of naming the App ID and whether it’s applied to the Body or Root?

I think if Root is selected, then dynamic data can be used anywhere (eg in the Head section). Is this correct or is there any other reason? Is there any disadvantage in placing it here anyway (though the default is Body)?

I realise that App ID has to have a value for certain Wappler features to work. Should the value be the same for each page in a site, or different for each page, or the same for groups of pages which share certain features? Perhaps it’s not important; perhaps it’s very important and problems will be encountered by not understanding the implications.

I would be grateful for any information. I searched the docs for ‘App ID’ and some variations but found no reference to the term. I found once reference to ‘Root’ but it applied to using Framework 7.

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Hey Tom,
App id is used by Wappler to store information such as the url parameters and other similar things related to that page (this id).
This id naming is the same as any other id used on any other element.
Usually you have it different for different pages, but you can use the same, if you want to reuse the same url params etc on other pages.

As for app root or body - you are right, adding the app connect to the app root will allow you to use dynamic data in the head tags as well - for example for page titles.


Thanks Teodor, for explaining this. I thought it was something like that. I’ve sometimes noticed parameters appearing slightly mysteriously - obviously because I’ve used the same App ID.

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