App Connect property fields saving changes

Hi, cmd + s keyboard shortcut for saving changes is not working.

Do you possibly have any other applications to set key custom commands that may be conflicting. I am on a Mac and it works just fine for me.

Also on Mac running Mojave and it works fine for me.

Working for me - I’m on High Sierra…

I have no custom shortcut setup for any application. I’m on High Sierra too…
Im using wappler 1.4.0, When i make changes on Title text or any changes on any field or element and straight i do press cmd + s to save quickly. it works for page saving but reverting the changes on that page.

I have noticed that sometimes when making alterations in App Structure property fields that you have to hit tab to actually make it stick and then save to see if it still reverts back.

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exactly same experience i had :slight_smile: hop fix added soon

This has been like this for a while to be honest it’s a pain until you know how to get around it and now I don’t even notice it anymore I’m used to hitting tab or clicking off the field before hitting save.

Actually this is standard UI behavior for any app, when you enter values you can hit enter or tab to apply them…

If we apply values on any keystroke it will be too slow to type and you also might change your mind…

I’m sure nobody would want any change to cause a slow down in typing. I appreciate that hitting the enter or tab keys to confiirm a change is pretty standard, and what people might expect.

However, I think there is another expected UI behaviour which doesn’t happen and which is causing confusion. I think people might reasonably expect that when they leave a field and click somewhere else, the text they’ve just entered will be ‘committed’ at that point (not as they type each keystroke).

Could you enlighten that maybe with a small video?

I think we might have introduced a a bit synchronization lag with the latest update.. so fields loose focus after update. Will improve that as well

Sorry George i do not have an video recorder at the moment. But as you say thats what is happening to me command save revert the changes, i make on the title field or any other html fields.