App Connect Notifications?

because the releases are not together wappler dreamweaver?

Ah you ruined the surprise :slight_smile: - yes App Connect Notifications is coming up today with the Wappler’s update. And it is a full replacement and much more powerful of the old HTML5 Responsive Notify


an idea to prevent this is Wapper updates on Tuesday and DMX on Wed. Then the surprises are reduced.


That would be realy cool

Surprise! Got it working in one try……

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Can you explain how it works ?

Can i put more notifications with different text on 1 page?

Hello @vdweyer
Just check the following video:
It is the same in Wappler :slight_smile:
You can have as many alerts with different text as you need on your page.

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Thanks. Great.
Can I place the notification in a relative position next to a hover text like a tooltip ?


No, that is not possible and that is not the idea of the notifications.

Is there another way to do this?

what you need is bootstrap tooltips