App Connect Bootstrap 4 Form Generator

Version 1.0.1:

After opening the dialog box it requires a Datasource. My Datasource was created in the Server Actions Action Steps. When I click on the lightning bolt to select a data source a dialog box titles “Data Bindings” opens. The only item displayed is “Button: button”. No Data Sources are available to choose from. What am I missing, or is the feature not yet available? If not yet available, please advise me as to when it will be.

Have you added a Server Connect component to the page that connects you to your Server Action and retrieves the data? Then you will be able to see it in the data bindings dialog.

Thanks George. I added that missed step, I now added it to the App Structure.

I now have added the Data Source selected my fields and it now populates the Bootstrap 4 Form Generator. When I press “OK”, nothing happens. Any idea as to what I am missing? Again, no form fields appear on my page.

I believe the form generator is not yet fully implemented in Wappler.

Hi Bruce,
Are you trying to generate an insert record form or an update record form?

Right now I am trying for an Insert. But I can’t even get anything to populate on my page. Any tutorial on this?

I think I see an issue - will check with the team and will get back to you.