App Connect binding data on Framework 7 sub pages

I can swear I had this working a month or 2 ago.

On Framework7 Adding a server action to index.html page and then binding data works perfectly.

On the about us page I just see the {{taginthisformat}} and not data redering. I tried with server action on the index page, and on the sub page, only the {{taginthisformat}} shows as per image.

I’m not sure if something broke since when I remember it worked, but please help me unbreak it. I must be missing something obvious otherwise.

Can you share code view

thanks @s.alpaslan. index data shows but not the about us

Here in bottom part of index.html. Serverconnect script is in head

And the about us page

Lastly my app.js for the routing

Using FW7 v 3.5. Could that have an effect on app connect?

Did you check CORS ?

We have some extra code in the app.js for Framework 7 to work with App Connect, you probably replaced all the previous js with the 3.5 version.

Add following code where it says ... other parameters

  on: {
    pageMounted: function (page) {
      if (window.dmx && {$parse(page.el);$update();

@patrick , you beauty!!!

Thanks. I actually thought as much and that something had to trigger something to let something happen (My technical explanation)

I started a framework7 project from scratch following ther documentation so I can get the hang of it. The Kitchen sync is just too much info for my brain to process.

Again, your response is much appreciated!

@patrick just a question regarding server actions. Seems they only work when the server connect tag is on the index page - then data bindings on subpages work. They should not be added to the subpages and only the bindings, repeats etc should be on the subpage?