App Connect action scheduler - does this persist when user is not logged in?

Hey all,

I have a Node project, and while we don’t have any server side schedulers - I’m looking at trying to make use of the AC action scheduler.

Will this scheduler function only while the user is active and logged in? or will this operate regardless of user status?

E.g. I’m aiming to set a scheduler for the first day of each month after a user creates an account for the first time.

The action scheduler won’t work that way. It goes by browser session. Once they close the browser or Browser tab outGo to a new page the scheduler will stop.

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Thank you @brad! That saved me some time! Will look for an alternative solution.

Can you let me know what you find @mgaussie? I will also want to have something similar integrated, just haven’t looked yet

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I think you would have to do something with cookies. Not sure if you can make them date specific though.

For sure. Will do

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@mgaussie & @Philip_J I think you’ll need to create some cronjob tasks to achieve this. Here are some useful posts:

@ChristopheA - appreciate the prompt here and those two links.

AWS has a nice scheduling looking platform (ECS) for EC2 instances - so I’ll be proceeding down this route, and then trigger a SC.

@Philip_J - I imagine the host you went with likely has something similar to run cron jobs, or their version of.

I’ll report back regardless when I get a test up and running.

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Yes I’ve heard cron jobs mentioned a lot and figured I’d have to look into it at as point :yum:

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