API Requested Body

Hello @teodor ,

I have a question that I think you can help me .

I have to create authkey for my payment system . But authkey needs to requested api’s body . How can I get requested body (API input data) …

but there is another way to create an auth key.
second way is I have to merge repeater … so how can I merge repeaters ?

I’ve tried it like this before, but I’ve failed.
{{repeatBuyer + repeatShippingAddress + repeatBillingAddres + repeatUserCart}}

For more detail …

I have to create PKI for API authorization key generation for payment system . PKI key is requested API’s body . But problem is ;
I have a json .This json includes shipping address , buyer address , credit card informations etc . Shipping address data coming from db but credit card ınformation data coming from credit card form . So have to merge them in 1 json .

I dont know how can I merge them in 1 json …??? Do you have an idea @teodor @patrick