API Queries

I’m struggling trying to build out the URL for an API query:

URL structure is the following: https://api.getAddress.io/find/{postcode}

I have read through the API Connector components, how to use and connect REST/Curl API’s guide and I notice it mentions two ways of passing query parameters - either directly adding them to the url as values only (which looks like what I need to do) or as named query parameters.

Just can’t seem to figure out how to append to URL. I’ve tried both API data source and API action.

Thanks again!

Hi @craigb,

You would need to look at the API documentation to see how they authorize their API. Each API is different and there are several methods that can be used, but it depends on how the API is set up.

@scott - named query params work for the API key and other query values, however, the query for the postcode needs to be part of the URL in the format above. I have no problems pulling the schema, data etc when I’m testing it and manually inputting the {postcode} as part of the URL. Goal is to set-up form where customer enters postcode eg. SW1100 and this appends to the URL.


Hi Craig,

How about using the dynamic attributes for URL:

Something like:


@mebeingken Thank you! Sometimes the most obvious things are hiding in plain sight!