API Input Data Dynamic selector not working

Wappler 3.6.1 and 3.7 both on Mac do not show the secondary dynamic data selector window on the Input Data, or Query or Headers fields when I click the lightening bolt.

Interesting…I had reported this as well, but told @George it was now working, as I could not replicate any longer. ( Cannot open bindings on API properties )

I suspect a log will be helpful if you are in a state that can consistently replicate this.

On my side it does seem to be consistent, each time I add a new API Action and try use those buttons nothing happens, maybe its with my setup in Node.js / Docker Local / Docker Remote / Node 14 / not sure if any of those make any difference.

To test I restarted Wappler, created a brand new project and it works on that for some reason, in 3.7, haven’t tested 3.6.1 again though. Seems strange though.