API Data in a repeat region binds incorrectly

If my data source requires a repeat region and i add a repeat on the row with a column inside then use the GUI bindings it adds the data as though it were never in a repeat.


<div class="row" is="dmx-repeat" id="repeat1" dmx-bind:repeat="api1.data">
  <div class="col">
    {{api1.data[0].country}} // Should be {{country}}
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Hi Paul,
When selecting the binding, are you selecting it from under repeat in the data picker dialog, or are you selecting it from under the original data source? Can you attach a screenshot please?

Haha, you caught me Teodor, thats exactly what I was doing, I knew it was working before and then suddenly started doing this. Sorry for the false report, I am at fault, not Wappler.

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Maybe a good reading:

I am able to see the binding but the data is not displayed in the browser.