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I’ve been reporting to the long time ago about this feature. @Teodor sad that “we will add this feature in new version”…

I have written many times before. DMXZone is very successful but sometimes we have a small problems with extensions …

Extensions are more important if wappler is important … all in one whole…


The silence from support is disconcerting. I was hoping for a DMXzone solution for my app, but I guess if support can’t see a way to setup custom API Connections (to work as I have carefully outlined in direct emails) with DMXzone extensions, then there is zero chance that I can.

I was very clear from the start what I needed - even before I purchased the monthly subscription. :frowning:


Hello @ds1,
With Wappler you can connect to a JSON data source, using the built-in JSON data source tools:

In the current version of Wappler, the UI allows you to browse local JSON sources only, but it fully supports remote JSON sources as well - just not in the UI.
We are currently updating Wappler and the UI will be improved to work nicely with remote JSON sources as well - so this will be improved either in this week’s update or in the next week’s update.

Sorry for the 20 hours delay in replies but we are quite busy updating a few things in Wappler and integrating several new functionalities.
PS @s.alpaslan please do not confuse people with some statements that are partially not correct.


Right, but the last few posts where about whether that JSON source had to be a *.json file, or whether a URL like this (which returns JSON) would work: https://fake-dev.site.com/mobile-api.php (Fake URL. The real URL was sent to you in a support email).

Can you confirm that the API URL as I have shared in support emails will work as the source URL for JSON Data Source Properties?


As long as your API link returns data in a valid JSON format it will work just fine.


I like the sound of that Teodor!

But before I launch back into trying to achieve this by studying App Connect tutorials designed to connect to a database (and not an API), would you mind taking a minute to look at the API links I sent you? It only takes a minute or so to run them through the https://inspector.swagger.io/builder

This will show you what the API link returns, and you would then know whether or not our API links will work as a JSON source. Would you mind testing that?


I sent a reply to support ticket #2590, just now, with those API links again… just in case.


I didnt confuse people … which statements are wrong ? I didnt use wrong statement !!! this is not acceptable …
I didnt accept…

unable to read dynamic json data …like this (https://xyzzzz.com/mobile-api.php)

this is 7 months ago (is this short time for waiting ? )

we need to more support … I am sure all users are thinking similarly.


@s.alpaslanthe extension has not been updated in the last 7 months.
We prioritize what to update and what to release and during that time we released tons of updates and new extensions on DMXzone site and released Wappler as well.
Requests for using JSON data source from remote URLs have not been that much (maybe 3 in total) and that is why this was not our top priority for updating.
As I already explained in this topic - this functionality is coming either in this week’s update or next week.

For DMXzone related topics use DMXzone forums please!


I am considering buying Wappler Basic for the “JSON Data Sources & API Connections” feature, primarily because the phrase “API Connections” is used in the Front-End components feature list in the pricing comparison. So it must be something the team has carefully considered and planned for, right? But of course, the documentation for Wappler is not yet available. I’ve read on this forum where members have recommended studying the Dw extension manuals and videos. I looked everywhere for an equivalency for API Connections over on DMXzone, but I cannot find a single tutorial or manual for API Connections.

Can someone show how API Connections can be setup in Wappler Basic for token-based authentication?


we have to wait @ds1 for this feature …


I realize this is very low priority, but any idea when this feature will be properly implemented and documented?


I was investigating you needs of the API and think that we should provide a more generic external API caller component, with authorization features build in. This should make such API calls a breeze to use.

The current JSON Data Source is really meant for loading local json files, so not very flexible for calling external API’s. But a new component will make that much more convenient.

I hope to be able to work on this really soon and we will make it available as both Wappler extension as well DMXzone Dreamweaver extension.

Coming up next: Mobile Apps Deployment with Cordova

That would be really awesome George. I’ve had a swarm of client requests recently for mobile apps that utilize API access instead of database access. I would really love to add Wappler to my paid client workflow for these types of projects… and others of course. I’ll keep an eye out for any updates on this feature!



Just to make sure we meet all your needs, make a full list of all the api features and calls you will need. As complete as possible with maybe few use cases.

It will be really helpful


Thank you finally. I have been searching for an hour on how to use these. plugins… Its like you guys are trying to sell us this program with every post.

@ds1 asked how do api connections work? almost every response from the TEAM is about what it does… we already know what is does…that is why we bought it. but there are no links or docs how to to use 80% this program.

https://wappler.io/docs/ I know …but this program is so feature rich. Now tell me why did you guys release and undocumented program. I mean every detail. This is unacceptable. You should have a full time technical writer (working side by side with your engineers) at least a reference manual that tells us everything in this program. Stop being el cheapo. Use some of those indie start up funds and hire a technical writer. Most of Those DMXZONE videos with the Robot voice are pretty good… but give us a searchable index… and make sure the Screenshots of the steps are high res and full screen when they load. no thumbnail pop ups that take a million years to load PLEASE! this is so sad. I hate videos. I can read faster than a 5 minute video I have to stop and rewind with that annoying robot voice. Thanks Wappler Team for making this learning process as painful as possible. now can you tell me where to find the manual for the JSON DATA source? I don’t care if it is the dmxzone version.

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That is the only reason why I bought this program… JSON! Being able to browse them and the assign them in the program. Now you are telling me that I cannot browse the JSON remotely.


@medleyr3 you are right, the documents are old but useful.
we are waiting new json extension…
They will update it with new functions and documentations…


I also need a proper JSON extension. My goal is to easily create mobile apps for existing Laravel websites. So my feature request for a Wappler JSON extension it is configured to send the header with every outgoing request.


Please vote this feature request … we need to improve

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