API connection to ForwardAir - Server 200 Error - No data to see or work with, please help


Here is my code

I am trying to connect to forward air API - here is there documentation

When I try to “FETCH SCHEMA” I keep getting a server 200 error and I can not see any data to work with ( see below)

What am I doing wrong here? Can someone make this work or post an example of it working, please???


200 is not an error, it means: status = ok. So I think you’re good


I have come to understand that but … how do I get it to show me the data? I need to be able to see the data in order to be able to build the app. When I hit “Fetch Schema” it is supposed to show me the data tree but all I get is that error, how do I get past that?


Some API providers don’t provide a schema where you can open the structure from the schema editor. But you will still probably get the output of that API in your next steps


Not sure what the “next steps” would be, how do I bind items on the page to data fields that can not be seen in the schema data tree?


Seeing the link I think it is a SOAP API. Wappler only supports JSON/REST API.


Well that would explain alot…ok great I can stop beating my head against the RED X on my wall. So are there plans to incorporate support for SOAP API’s …?


Not at the moment, all modern APIs are using REST/JSON and SOAP/XML is slowly disappearing.


See also:


Thanks… Had to use Visual Studio…SUCKS