API Connect with Aftership

If anyone has a few moments to spare, I would be really grateful for a few pointers in the right direction.
I’m trying to add a track shipment page. I have created a free account at https://www.aftership.com created an API Connect with my aftership-api-key:
But cannot seem to bind any data to screen.

I set my initial url as https://api.aftership.com/v4 and can fetch the schema.
I can also fetch https://api.aftership.com/v4/trackings with the query parameters as per the screenshot attached.

I am using the parcel-force demo tracking reference EK345618635GB

Thanks in advance.

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Cool idea Mim! When you get it working make sure you participate to the WWC! Wappler Weekly Challenge #1 :slight_smile:

As I see from the Tracking API - there all the data is a single object, so it has no repeating element, so you can use the data picker to just populate it straight on the page.

In expressions, something like {{ apiTrack.data.data.tracking_number }}

Just explore the data with the Data Binndings picker.

Thanks George
Not sure why I couldn’t get any data returned initially.
But setting the end point as ‘https://api.aftership.com/v4/trackings’ adding the aftership-api-key header value.
then the slug and tracking_number query parameters.
Works wonderfully.

{{apiTrack.data.data.trackings[0].tracking_number}} displays as expected


just published an article about the data types for better understanding:

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