API Action - How to enter an array value?


In the API Action step, how to specify the value(s) for urllist for the following JSON Encoded parameters? I entered it in the Input Data area.

{"key": "your api key", "plugin_version": "MY123", "lossy": 1, "resize": 1, "resize_width": 1024, "resize_height": 1024, "cmyk2rgb": 1, "keep_exif": 0, "convertto": "+webp", "refresh": 0, "urllist": ["url1", "url2"]}


Hello, where do these url values come from (are they static or dynamic)?
Where in the API connector you are trying to use them?


For testing, it will be static and later be dynamic.


Why the yellow alert?

Per Wappler documentation, the input data value should be in quotes, but it will only connect to the service without quotes.

Is it possible to specify the value as an array or string only?