Anyone set CORS permissions on Plesk?

Hi ,

It is possible to bypass cors permissions using a proxy. But does anyone have information on how to set these permissions on Plesk. When I tried these settings, I could not achieve a successful result.

Among the Plesk documents, I followed these guidelines.

I can get results without problems during GET operations. However, when I use post, it looks like the OPTION method, and I also need to allow methods.

So it is necessary to allow all of them as CORS responce headers (“access-Control-Allow-Methods: GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, HEAD”).

The result I want to reach is to access my SERVER CONNECT files on the PLESK server via mobile application without using any cors proxy. If someone using Plesk made these settings, can they share the sample configuration?

@George I think you were using plesk. How did you make these settings on your side?

is there anyone who solves this problem in plesk?