Any News about API Serverside?


Stil wondering when it would be implemented…?


Hi Freddy,
It will be integrated really soon, we are currently working on it. As it has a huge amount of options and possibilities it takes quite some time to integrate everything :slight_smile:


wowwwwwwwwwww :))


@Teodor Amazing, keep on with your good work and help here!



See also:


Yes and also @Teodor when you finish with all that Server Side API stuff etc please have a look to my printer. For some reason, it stopped printing. I am sure it is a piece of cake for you to fix it :slight_smile:


Sure Niko,
I’ll get the next plane to Athens :slight_smile:


Server API integration has been added to the latest version.



@Teodor , @George , @patrick


@George amazing news! Huge news! Thank you so much!

I guess it would be extremely helpful if the API isnt clear to habe a small example ! But lets see!



Hey @Freddy_Blockchain,
Sure we are going to setup a few small examples :slight_smile:


@Teodor and btw thank you so much for your huge detailed Password Reset Page tutorial! About Server Side API I guess SSo would be highly requested… That gives Wappler even more real value! What software u use to make docus like that? Hmm maybe I‘ll try this one


Part 2 is coming tomorrow :slight_smile: it’s even more detailed :slight_smile:
I’m using the free Lightshot tool:


If I remember correctly, the example of the fullcalendar is required for @brad and @Freddy_Blockchain
. wouldy you create a server side action with Fullcalendar? I have used it before, but I cannot access the files at this time.


I’m not sure full calendar integration is related with server side API. Will have to check their docs first.


this page had helped me. maybe it can help you too .
thank you …