Any idea how to get the Stripe Payment Infos and store it to DB?

I’m now doing the stripe integration in my project. As I can’t wait for any extensions or SERVER SIDE API, I’ll just code it at my own.

So i guess the process is pretty much simple:

  1. Payment button in Wappler (Form action with Infos, amount etc. will be passed )

  2. Stripe Payment Gateway

  3. Getting back Request/Response and store it via Wappler into DB

     <form action="your-server-side-code" method="POST">
         src="" class="stripe-button"
         data-description="Example charge"

Here the full docu:

Kind of a big ask that @Freddy_Blockchain, I know the team have been working on Stripe integration for a while now.

basically all the info you should need is in their API documentation

I believe the section you need to look at is PaymentIntents

@Hyperbytes I‘ll try that. I‘m sure I can solve it. Merry Xmas