Animate Elements some inspiration

I’ll put that into Coffee Lounge and not into Feature request. I’m wondering if anybody heard about Google Webdesigner? It has some very interesting interaction approaches how to guide the user trough the animation / development process:

7AE20B3A-5B8A-4037-AFDE-AF0D98FAFBA8.MP4 (791.6 KB)

Interesting! We were already researching possibilities to do better animations and effects.

Timeline is not my favorite UI for this but seems there isn’t any other more natural way yet.

We are also researching to make more natural workflow/actions editor for both client and server side action.

More based on the flow programming as you can see in game engines like Unreal and their “blueprints”

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I use Google Webdesigner tool to create animated ad banners. It’s not a full featured “web creator” thought.

Wow a node based workflow, that would be interesting to see. :+1: