Angular Bootstrap with Kendo UI controls

I’m trying to use the Wappler editor for the initial design of an Angular bootstrap framework solution. It works well for standard control but I’d like to add Kendo components to the mix. is there a was to define the library or define an equivalent mapping. An example would be a mapping the treat a Kendo dropdown list as a select/option construct from a design presentation standpoint.

Hi Robert (@rfhooper), welcome to Wappler.

To answer your question, there probably is a way to include Kendo UI to Wappler, but I do not see why you would want to do that.

Taking your example of a dependant dropdown list, this can be accomplished within Wappler without forking out $$$ for Kendo. Have a look at the solution here

All of the components that are offered by Kendo are already included in Wappler. Wappler does not use Angular, instead it uses App Connect which is a similar framework.

Hope this answers your question.

I’d also add that with a little bit of custom CSS styling you’d probably be able to make the native Wappler components look and behave exactly the same as alot of the Kendo UI components.

You could even just inspect the Kendo components in chrome developer and copy the exact CSS.

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Angular will conflict with App Connect. I think the jQuery version of Kendo UI would probably work.

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