Android hardware access

Hi guys!
I’m sorry you didn’t hear from me for quite some time. My job didn’t leave much spare time for coding.
But to the actual matter now:
Is there a convenient way to read sensor data on android devices such as accelerometer and/or gyro?
Also, can I connect to devices over bluetooth or LAN?

As far as I’m informed, this depends on cordova right? Like the orientation event:

Of course…

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OK thanks!
My idea is to create some sort of air mouse. Right now, 3d mice are not very well supported on linux. So it would be a cool project to develop an app, which reads accelerometer and gyro data to determine the phones location and orientation and feed that to the CAD system. It would be like holding the model in your hand.

3d mice are used to navigate through complex CAD assemblies without having to use the standard mouse. So you can “fly” around the model while editing the model itself. A real productivity boost for us design engineers :slight_smile:


Wow, I have never seen a mouse like that, haha, looks like you need a drivers license for that thing.

When you are finished with that project I think your next project should be to design an interface that gives access to an Apple Watch. My daughter would be very happy because her friend got her an Apple Watch for her birthday, but she only has a Samsung s8 Android phone, and without an iPhone it looks like this watch is pretty much useless. So develop a web interface or Android App for all those poor iWatch users missing the iPhone please.


That will be a very cool project. Nobody really solved yet the challenge of really natural navigation in 3D space. Even in VR sets it is still very clumsy and you have weird joysticks that doesn’t work well most of the time

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Is this your design btw? Look cool indeed - you might only need a magnetic flying bal instead of turn wheel to make it really cool (and if you do that don’t forget to pay me royalties for the idea :slight_smile:

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Yeah it took a week or so to really get the hang of it but now it’s kinda naturally attached to my left hand.

Ok I know what I am gonna say now, will piss off about 80% of this forum but I’ll do it anyways! :joy:
I hate apple for my life! Everything they do is to pull money out of their customers pockets and there is nothing innovative or creative about this company in my very humble opinion! Your example does all the telling, if you have one apple device, you can trash all your other devices and switch with everything to apple in order to use the full potential of your apple devices. If I had to develop a web interface for the apple watch, I would have to pay a lot of money to be able to connect to the watch via bluetooth (check out the MFi license). And I didn’t even get to the price of these devices itself. My family members do have apple and they are pissed off too about the arrogance this company shows everyday.

Okay that was a lot of hate and maybe there was a bit semi-knowledge involved. If you have reasonable arguments why apple might be the manufacturer to go for, please enlighten me. I will stand corrected!

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I have to disagree on your first post. These 3D mice are very intuitive and the best way to navigate in 3d space on your desktop. These joysticks can be twisted in all three axis and also pushed in all 3 axis so you have truly a 6 degrees of freedom navigation. And it’s very very precise. Every design engineer loves them :slight_smile:

And no unfortunately this is not my design. It’s the product of the largest and kind of the only manufacturer of these devices, 3dconnexion. If I was the author of this design, I wouldn’t have to worry about money today. Space mice exist since the 80’s where they looked like that:

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Ah well if it isn’t Apple then it is Microsoft, Google, Oracle or any other big companies. The story is always the same.

But hey that is why there is kickstarter or indiegogo - giving the small but genius inventions a good platform and a chance to win against the giants!

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To take it to the next step, I’m not a big fan of Microsoft either. However, they do get nicer since they started contributing to the open source community.

What I just don’t like is when companies work against their customers and not with them just because they can. To say it in other words, when companies are the complete opposite of this community here and it’s product.
This is the future and this is where work gets done! We have to stop limiting our possibilities by relying so much on just one OS, just one device or one company!
Nobody says that we have to waive well earned money! That’s why I pay for wappler.

Today’s big decisions aren’t based on quality and rationality but on politics and politics are subject to money. That’s why it’s so unlikely to have a chance against the giants.