Android app to store info locally before uploading to mysql

I had written a page to fill out lead info at a bridal show only to have the shows wifi not work so couldnt use it. Id like to rewrite it to allow local storage and batch uploading to mysql later when i have a connectiion. Is that possible with wappler. Is it a phone/tablet app i need?

Yes possible with wappler . And you can check internet connection with browser component

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that is cool. Where can I find some documentation on how to get started? Thanks so much.

you can check documentation for browser component

Thank you. How to i save data on a form locally when not connected to mysql? Then how do i send it to mysql later when i do have connection?

There isnt simple way but you can chek sqllite mysql migrations

Still unclear about how to approach this. I’d like to develop a mobile app to store some form data locally like in a database. Then upload data when connected to the internet to a normal mysql database. Is there any documentation on how to do this through Wappler. I can’t find anything but bits and pieces that don’t really add up.


There is no simple way to do this and it is not a question about wappler. What you should do;

  1. check internet connection with browser component
  2. if your internet connection is working, save the data directly to the remote server.
  3. If you do not have an internet connection, save the data to the local database. There are migration processes that you can do in the local database, ie when the internet connection is successful, the data will be uploaded to the remote server automatically.

You can find many sources of migration on the Internet.