Android App Connect Database Query not running

I have a single query server connect I created to return the status of a particular user to Android App, using Run SC.Load. But I am not seeing it being called in my database log or in the Chrome Network XHR with android phone connected to my laptop USB port with android debug turned on. What could I be missing or doing wrong? The other queries or SCs are working well. See the attached database query php file. (893 Bytes) (1.5 KB)

Is this the same question as asked here yesterday?

Also - is your app and server action running fine when previewed in a browser?

Yes it is the same question.
Yes, below is the browser output.

{“identity”:882,“query1”:{“options”:{“connection”:“mgConnect”,“sql”:{“type”:“select”,“columns”:[{“table”:“friends”,“column”:“status”}],“table”:{“name”:“friends”},“joins”:,“wheres”:{“condition”:“AND”,“rules”:[{“id”:“friends.friendid”,“field”:“friends.friendid”,“type”:“double”,“operator”:“equal”,“value”:882,“data”:{“table”:“friends”,“column”:“friendid”,“type”:“number”},“operation”:"="},{“id”:“friends.userid”,“field”:“friends.userid”,“type”:“double”,“operator”:“equal”,“value”:“879”,“data”:{“table”:“friends”,“column”:“userid”,“type”:“number”},“operation”:"="}],“conditional”:null,“valid”:true},“query”:“SELECT status\nFROM friends\nWHERE friendid = :P1 /* 882 / AND userid = :P2 / 879 */”,“params”:[{“operator”:“equal”,“type”:“expression”,“name”:":P1",“value”:882},{“operator”:“equal”,“type”:“expression”,“name”:":P2",“value”:“879”}]},“test”:true},“query”:“SELECT “status” FROM “friends” WHERE (“friendid” = ? AND “userid” = ?)”,“params”:[{“id”:“friends.friendid”,“field”:“friends.friendid”,“type”:“double”,“operator”:“equal”,“value”:882,“data”:{“table”:“friends”,“column”:“friendid”,“type”:“number”},“operation”:"="},{“id”:“friends.userid”,“field”:“friends.userid”,“type”:“double”,“operator”:“equal”,“value”:“879”,“data”:{“table”:“friends”,“column”:“userid”,“type”:“number”},“operation”:"="}]}}

So your server action runs fine in the browser when you preview the page there? But then it doesn’t run in the app?
Are you sure the debug option is not enabled for the query step? If it is, disable it, it should be disabled.

I enabled it because of the problem, but will disable it now.

So is that your case:

Yes, the App does not trigger the request to run the query.

This the browser query result after I turned off debug.

Is that the expected result?

How do you call your server action on your page then?

Yes, it is correct.

How do you call your server action?

by Run Server Connect Load

So … have you checked the console for JavaScript errors of any kind? If it doesn’t run there’s some error when you are trying to run it.

Did not see any Chrome Console errors for this SC load

Well there must some error preventing it from running. Maybe share some screenshots where we can see what’s in there.

routes.js:7 Uncaught ReferenceError: hideMessenger is not defined
at t.pageInit (routes.js:7:9)
at HTMLDivElement.l (framework7.bundle.min.js:13:17640)
at Dom7.trigger (framework7.bundle.min.js:13:19644)
at t.pageCallback (framework7.bundle.min.js:13:139803)
at t.forward (framework7.bundle.min.js:13:102113)
at framework7.bundle.min.js:13:106688

Can you please share screenshots where we can see all errors after you click the button, which calls your server action?

There no console errors when I click on the button that loads the SC.
I have attached my project settings.

Also I was able to recreate the problem using a new blank project with hello link that I click on to Load SC. It initially had CORS error, because I was running it on my browser not on Android phone. I after I resolved the CORS error, it did not query status, just a blank Chrome Console, no errors. I am sure you can recreate it using a blank or hello project.

Can’t really recreate the issue. Can you post your page code here please?