Anchor on same page and smooth scroll

Hello guys.
I need to apply a link / anchor on a button and the target is on the same page. Clicking the button scrolls the page smoothly to the anchor. Is it possible to apply this effect?

Yes, you can do this using the smooth scroll component.

  1. Add the component in app connect panel
  2. Add anchor button and add the Id to scroll to

Thanks Teodor.

I have a menu (included on the page) with some links that place an anchor on the page.
They asked me if it is possible to apply a fluid effect with slow down at the end
Is it possible or do I have to use some code?
Thank You

Well there are quite a few animations effects available - choose the one you like:

Ok Thank You

Teodor sorry
i tried to change easing configuration, but the result is still the same

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