Anchor Image in the body off a Card


In the App Structure I can not insert an Anchor Image in the body off a Card.


Some elements don’t support inserting directly from App Structure because of parent element type. You can try to add it manually in the code view, or add the new element inside App node and try moving it inside the actual element you want - using mouse drag or move code in code view.


yes this is annoying but it happens with some elements
try as @nshkrsh suggested or add a container first then row then column


We will add the anchor image as an option for the card body in the next updates.
If you have some useful examples of elements that are currently not possible to add in other elements - please share it with us so we can allow them.

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@Teodor could you please share the logic behind these restrictions?
I understand only allowing table header/row/cell when in table element, but for most other elements, restrictions don’t really seem necessary to me. :man_shrugging:


Description list terms are missing anchor options. I expect it’s often useful to make the terms links. Obviously it’s straightforward to add these manually, but having the missing option would be useful.


Allow for the User to make the choice maybe? Offer suggestions but allow the User to override those suggestions. Most of us break rules and like the freedom to be creative, make mistakes, learn, adapt, improve, etc. Sometimes I find Wappler quite restrictive coming from a background where we had the freedoms to decide what we wanted and where we wanted it.

I’m forever pasting from my Snippets in to Wappler as Wappler just won’t allow me to do what I want to do without inserting something elsewhere in the page in an acceptable to Wappler position, then cutting and pasting it to where I want it to be. Is there any reason for Wappler babysitting these design choices?

Interested to know the purposes of these restrictions as they effect me on a daily basis and become quite frustrating more often than not.

Just my two pence worth, for what its worth. :wink:


Thank you all for the feedback. The reason that not everything is allowed everywhere is then we will have all sorts of “my site is broken” comments :slight_smile: because there are people who never heard of bootstrap, html or css and they want to insert anything anywhere :slight_smile:
We try to limit only the elements which logically fit in the selected parent element.


Maybe have a toggle for Advanced / Assist mode? Those Users who report their ‘site is broken’ can be aided by the community here to aid and help correct their design choices? For the Users that want more freedom the ability to toggle Assistive mode on or off would be a blessing! It really is very restrictive, almost too restrictive. I can see the point in it but it is very frustrating at times.

Sorry for appearing ungrateful. I’m far from that. I’m truly thankful for Wappler but do feel it could offer a little more freedom here and there for the designer to make the choice rather than the software.

As always consideration is appreciated in all regards.



Maybe the Pro Version can be unrestricted in this sense?


Please send us a list of options you think should be available and we will try to add them :slight_smile:


a toggle in the project setting to enable the advance mode is a good option

or make all the elements possible but add a small warning icon on the element that should not be inserted in this position


Teodor you’re a real gentleman and always go beyond the remit of 99% of software developers I’ve encountered. Your willingness to listen and consider your Users feedback astounds me. Thank you.

AND, on a SUNDAY too!!


I suppose this has to be done in the Request feature category ?


I don’t want to push but … ?


is coming up in the next update. Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:


Please also allow creation of ROW, COLUMN & FLEX inside flex container.
Or probably everything could be allowed inside a flex. :man_shrugging:

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Anchor images are now available in the card body.